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Dental X-rays

The Clinique de Denturologie MARCEL LAVIGNE can handle all dental x-rays.

We are located in Sherbrooke, near Magog and St-Denis-de-Brompton.

In addition to regular examinations

We use dental x-rays to assess the proper and precise placement for any implants. This step can also identify any underlying disorders that may need to be addressed, for example inflections, fractures, periodontal diseases and impacted teeth. Wide angle x-rays can help diagnose lesions at the tooth root, tumors in the jaw area and even bone diseases. Furthermore, x-rays also help us monitor children’s teeth from a young age, setting them on a path to healthy oral care.

Dental x-rays, for a better understanding of your jaw and oral health

Radiographie dentaire Sherbrooke
Radiographie dentaire Sherbrooke

Professional workmanship

MARCEL LAVIGNE started working as a dental technician in 1977, and

opened his own clinic in 1996. The clinic is made up of an experienced team of professionals, each trained in the latest denturist techniques and procedures. Let us help you find your smile! Our office is warm and welcoming, and our services can be tailored to your schedule, your needs and your budget. We are also available to handle any dental emergencies.

A wide range of services, customized to your individual needs and budget

Our main strengths:

  • 39 years of industry experience
  • Professionalism
  • Flexible scheduling
  • An industry leader
  • Great reputation
  • In-home services (by appointment)

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85 Rue Belvédère N Suite #1



(819) 569-3368