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The Clinique de Denturologie MARCEL LAVIGNE specializes in customized dentures.

Our experienced team can serve clients in Sherbrooke, Magog and St-Denis-de-Brompton.

Health and beauty

A healthy smile is a happy smile! Healthy teeth contribute to everything from digestion to self-confidence. The Clinique de Denturologie MARCEL LAVIGNE can fit you for dentures to replace missing teeth, or to protect damaged teeth. We can build these types of dental prostheses in various materials, be it soft base dentures, acrylic, composite and metal partials, as well as implants and precision attachments.

A beautiful smile is a confident smile

Prothèses dentaires Sherbrooke
Prothèses dentaires Sherbrooke

Unique and customized dentures

With more than 35 years of industry experience, we are specialists when it comes to removable dental prostheses. Our training and knowledge in various design techniques and treatments, allow us to prepare customized dentures that will complement your natural appearance. When fitted properly and built according to your personal details, dentures can bring back your smile, while giving you the ability to speak clearly and chew comfortably.

Look natural and feel comfortable with customized dentures

Our main strengths:

  • 39 years of industry experience
  • Removable dental prostheses specialists
  • Experts in various design and production techniques
  • Focus on creating a natural and pleasing look
  • All services offered on-site
  • Flexible scheduling
  • In-home services (by appointment)

Contact us! We are available to answer any of your questions.

85 Rue Belvédère N Suite #1



(819) 569-3368