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Dental Prothesis in Sherbrooke

« All dental prostheses are 100 % made on-site in our specialized lab »


Trained in both Québec and in Europe, MARCEL LAVIGNE has mastered different design and production techniques for different types of dental prostheses. At his lab in Sherbrooke, he specializes in preparing and producing removable dental prostheses.

MARCEL LAVIGNE works with individual clients as well as with dentists in Québec, Ontario and the United States.

All dentures are prepared and produced on-site, without an intermediary.


Our focus:

  • Producing all types of removable prostheses: Soft base dentures, acrylic and metal partials, as well as implants.
  • Precision dental attachments
  • Our speciality: Metallic prostheses
  • Producing composite components
Dental Prosthesis Sherbrooke Magog St-Denis-de-Brompton

For your health and beauty

A healthy and complete dentition is essential for a good digestion, and therefore a guarantee of your well-being. Dental prosthesis, on the other hand, are used to replace missing teeth and protect severely damaged ones. They also help you regain your confidence by giving you a beautiful smile.

Visit our clinic to have a custom-made dental prosthesis! We design different types of prostheses in acrylic, composite, metallic, implanted or with a soft base. You can count on us to make precision attachments.

Recover your self-confidence with beautiful teeth

Let us manufacture your dental prosthesis

Custom-made prostheses

We have been working in the field of dental prosthesis manufacturing for more than 40 years, and we also do tailor-made dental products. Our team follows ongoing training, allowing us to acquire many design and manufacturing techniques for different types of prostheses. We will design your prosthesis keeping in mind your natural appearance, whether it is through a smile or phonetics. Our denturists do their utmost best to ensure an impeccable result as we are one of the best clinics in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton.

We master the different techniques of designing and manufacturing dental prostheses.

Dental Prosthesis Sherbrooke Magog St-Denis-de-Brompton


85 Rue Belvédère Nord, Suite 1, SHERBROOKE J1H 4A7